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Please Note: Invoices are shipped with your order and also emailed to you when the order is shipped. Please be advised that for any payment due 30 days past your last performance of that rental order, a 25% late fee will be assessed; For 60 days (35%) and for 90 days (50%). Thank You in advance for your cooperation.  
Cancellations / Postponements: Once your rental has been shipped, you will be invoiced electronically for the rental order. Should you experience a concert cancellation or postponement you will be required to pay a restocking fee of 5% of the invoice total.

For those of you who do not have a shipping account with either Fed Ex or UPS, CRMP is now using Master Card and Visa. Upon ordering your rentals, we will ship the music to you roundtrip (with a return label for your convenience) and charge your credit card with the information you provide us via telephone. You may, should you desire, charge the shipping and the cost of the rental. There will be a 3.75% administration/credit card fee for this service.


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Music Delivery Date: We deliver music to arrive 30 days before your performance date.
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We ship via FEDEX or UPS only.

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